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Devi Brown

Devi Brown is a Master Well-Being Educator & Healer, Advisor, Storyteller, and Founder of Devi Brown Well-Being. Passionate about the individual transformation that leads to community impact and elevation of consciousness for all beings, Devi’s focus is on those who have had complex lived experiences and lead high-impact lives. Her work is rooted in sharing tangible, multi-lineage healing practices to support a sovereign lifestyle and holistic well-being. Devoted to spiritual connection meant to aid in alleviating internal suffering and the healing of intergenerational trauma, Devi’s teachings are informed by her work in spiritual psychology, advanced meditation, metaphysics, energy healing, and trauma-informed facilitation. Spending over a decade of her life in deep study and practice, the offerings she creates are founded in wellness and infused seamlessly into the tangible human experience, providing all those entering her space an opportunity to connect with their innermost self while nurturing and honoring their lived experience and expanding their possibilities. Through her company, Devi Brown Well-Being, Devi is a trusted voice and advisor guiding organizations such as Chase, Microsoft, Chopra, and Overtime + more, towards better internal and external wellness practices and processes. Devi’s work with organizations as well as her private, high-impact clients, has created a ripple effect of intention and healing globally.

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Devi Brown