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Jess Hilarious

Born and raised in West Baltimore City, Jess, mother of 1, is a raw comedian but unique in her own right. Beautiful and educated, she is the child of happily married parents, Robin and Kevin Moore who enrolled Jess in a predominantly white college preparatory high school in Dallastown, Pennsylvania where Jess discovered her popularity and birthed her funny. Shortly after high school, Jess began working as a receptionist for a PRP company where she began making her comedic viral videos. She was, shortly after, discovered by Nick Cannon who gave her the name, Roast Queen and sooner than later, Martin Lawrence put her on his stage. Her stand up and acting career sky-rocketed from there. Since then, comedian and actress Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore has been featured on networks such as FOX, HBO, BET, VH1, TMZ and more! Jess has taken the comedy world by storm and isn’t even CLOSE to being done.

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