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Troy Millings

Troy Millings was born in the home of Hip Hop, the South Bronx. From an early age, music influenced his education. His keen memory and ability to memorize lyrics translated into memorizing historical facts, equations, and literature. Those two passions would later mold the educator he is today. He taught for 16 years, beginning his career in NYC Dept. of Education to most recently the CSD of New Rochelle. In the midst of teaching, Troy led Operations Crossroads as Program Director, a summer youth program designed for students at the secondary level of education. The purpose of the program is to introduce students to financial literacy through culturally responsive education while providing them with opportunities to gain work experience through summer internships in career fields of their choice. Realizing there was a need to expand financial literacy education outside of the traditional classroom setting, Troy and life-long friend Rashad Bilal came together to start an educational platform called Earn Your Leisure. Today, Earn Your Leisure has grown into one of the top business platforms in the world with a top business podcast under it’s network, and an online educational platform.

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